Buffy Meme | Six Episodes (1/6)



You know what I love the most about this? That Bea got to be the active part here. She did demand to know if Ben’s position was so well defined that he’d “kill” for her. But the wonderful part about this is that she didn’t need anyone to do it for her. Like, her question was more in terms of “Are you with me in this?”that in terms of “Oh, if I were a man!!// I need a man to do this for me”. Cause she doesn’t need a man! She can kick Claudio’s ass on her own if she wants too (I don’t condone violence but let’s face it, the urge to kick Claudio’s ass is very strong right now). This was more like, “I want you on my side, but either way I’m gonna kick that fuckface’s ass”. And I love that.

(has anyone entertained the idea that Hero may in fact end up hurting herself?)


  • Bea casually just coming in and sitting on Ben’s bed.
  • Ben turning the mug handle towards her like it’s her designated mug and has been for the past few days.
  • "You’ll kill him for me won’t you"
  • "You’ve made it very clear that I’m supposed to take a side in all this. This is for you, Claudio. I hope I’ve made myself very clear."
  • "Not violence, cannibalism. It’s never the answer."
  • Ben making Bea laugh by joking about getting a Time Turner
  • "And I’ll get you for it. Right? We’ll get him." We. WE.


What school did Sherlock Holmes learn how to be a detective in?


Pedro ships it


Hero ships it


Ursula ships it


Balthazar and Claudio ship it (well when claudio isn’t busy being a misogynistic bastard)


heck even Bean ships Bean now (kinda)


My OTP will be canon



I’m here, the Phantom of the Opera.                    

                                                                         I’m here, the Phantom of the Opera

                     I’m here                                      

                                                                        I’m here

                                                    I’M HERE!



"yeah today i had to shovel dildos off the ice"

idk what the average price of dildoes is in sweden but that looks like at least $100 worth of fake dick just in that one picture